Refund Policy

1. If the Client has changed their mind prior to receiving product and decided to Cancel the order. The order will be fully refunded if product has not shipped. If product has shipped the order must be processed as a refund. Refund rules apply.
2. If the Client is unsatisfied with the product Anytime for any reason and requests a refund within the first (3) days the Client may call (412-403-1151) or the H&H Bio products sales man to return for a full refund if;
a. The product is un-opened
b. The product is free of damage
i. To include but not limited to;
1. Heat damage
2. Water damage
3. Physical damage
4. Other damage
*If product is Damaged to unforeseen circumstances (During Shipping) or improper
packaging a credit may be issued to replace damaged product or refund issued.
3. If the Client request a refund after the first (3) day 25% restocking fee will be Charged
a. for every additional (3) day periods will charge an additional 25% b. And;
i. The product is un-opened
ii. The product is free of damage
1. To include but not limited to;
a. Heat damage
b. Water damage
c. Physical damage
d. Other damage
*These charges represent a restocking and transportation fee in addition to address product shelf life.
4. If Client is working in good faith to contact H&H Bio Products towards a solution H&H Bio Products Will respond in kind to resolve any situation.
a. H&H Bio Products can be Contacted by the following means
vi. Eric Hartman- Chief Business development officer: 412-403-1151
vii. Dale Hawley- Executive Sales Development officer: 817-262-0495